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U P C Y C L I N G    P R O J E C T S

Each product has its own value, it can be a story or historical background, and we believe in combining two together, not only can create a new design, the function and appearance is even more upgraded than before.

Piano Cabinet


Many pianos have been discarded, we remodel them through the concept of regeneration, and transform them into storage cabinets.

Trolley Cabinet

Under the epidemic situation, many airlines left a lot of Trolley Carts, we collected them back, and then remodeled them and covered them with different colors of leather to become a fashionable household item.

RE'Clock & Box Speaker


In daily life, there are many packaging boxes thrown away, and we will provide and collect them from customers, and put in the functions of clocks and speakers to improve their functionality, and it is also a decoration at home.

Everyone can participate to be one part of the design.

In addition to internal production, we also welcome anyone to join the regeneration project!

We will regularly discover different products or furniture which is suitable for regeneration, then publish the details of the product on our website and social platforms. You can give any suggestions or ideas through messages or emails. The main purpose is to hope that anyone can participate in this project and witness its new changes together.

*If you have items or furniture that need to be processed also, feel free to contact us!

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