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南非氈酒套裝 Kaiza 5 Set
  • 南非氈酒套裝 Kaiza 5 Set

    套裝包括 Set includes:

    -1支 Kaiza 5 氈酒   1 Kaiza 5
    -1個KRÓLL鈦金屬威士忌杯    1 KRÓLL Titanium Whisky Cup


    南非氈酒 Kaiza 5

    產地 Origin : 南非 South Africa

    容量 Volume : 750mL 

    酒精濃度 ABV : 40% alc/vol


    來自南非、口感與風味完美平衡的的氈酒。靈感來自首席釀酒大師Keegan Cook 最喜歡的5種植物:葡萄柚、黑醋栗、香菜和當歸根,這些植物也是在南非種植的特殊植物,黑醋栗的味道明顯,與葡萄柚的多汁柑橘味並列。 安琪利根和香菜的草本香調構成了完美的底蘊,以完美支持強烈的主要風味,再加上幹杜松子的辛辣香調,形成了熟悉的尾韻。所有這些對比鮮明的口味和香氣巧妙地融合在一起,產生了一款出色的、口感順滑、完美平衡的優質琴酒。


    是次套裝包括1支Kaiza 5 氈酒及1個KRÓLL鈦金屬威士忌杯。鈦金屬物料可透過純化過程,為穀物類酒精昇華至有年份效果。並且對溫度十分敏感,可快速傳遞溫度,達到短時間內溫度變化的效果。一個套裝為您帶來新穎的氈酒及酒器,給予您全新的口感與味道。


    A wonderfully smooth and perfect balanced premium gin from South Africa —— Kaiza 5. Inspired by head distiller, Keegan Cook's favourite 5 botanicals : Grapefruit, Blackcurrant, Coriander & Angelica Root, which also are special Botanicals grown in South Africa, pronounced notes of Black Currant, juxtaposed against Juicy Citrus notes of Grapefruit. Herbaceous notes of Angelika root and coriander make up the background to perfectly support the punchy main flavours, all bought together with the spicy notes of dried Juniper berry for a familiar finish. All these contrasting flavours and aromas worth together seamlessly to produce a wonderfully smooth perfectly balanced premium grade gin.


    A set includes a bottle of Kaiza 5 gin and a KRÓLL titanium whisky cup. Titanium can be sublimated for grain alcohol to have an aging effect through the purification process. Beside, titanium is very sensitive to temperature, which can achieve the effect of temperature change in a short time. A set brings you novel gin and whisky vessels, giving you a new taste and taste.

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