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熱帶氈酒套裝 Zesty Gin Set
  • 熱帶氈酒套裝 Zesty Gin Set

    套裝包括 Set includes:

    - 1部Sodacoo Carbonator Pro     1 Carbonator Pro

    - 1瓶Tarsier柑橘氈酒    1 Tarsier Calamansi Citrus Gin

    - 1支濃縮果汁(莫吉托)  1 Fruit Concentrate (Mojito)





    Calamansi is a citrus fruit native to the Philippines, bursting with bright zesty notes of lime and mandarin. The exotic citrus of Yuzu and Kattir Lime add depth ot flavour, balanced with the floral sweetness of Jasmine.

    Fresh, juicy notes of calamansi come alive with the addition of tonic, whilst aromatic kaffir, vibrant yuzu and subtle flora tones of lasmine combine tor a layered, vibrant citrus flavor profile. Unlike any citrus gin you've ever tasted!


    柑橘氈酒 Tarsier Calamansi Citrus Gin

    產地 Origin : 英格蘭 England

    容量 Volume : 700mL 

    酒精濃度 ABV : 40% alc/vol


    | 自製雞尾酒配方 Homemade Cocktail Recipe |

    1. 在杯中加入冰塊。 Add ice cubes to the glass.

    2. 先加入10mL濃縮果汁。Add 10mL of fruit concentrate.

    3. 再加入40mL Tariser 氈酒。Add 40mL of Tarsier gin.

    4. 最後倒入150mL已打了兩次氣的氣泡水,攪拌均勻即可飲用。

         Finally, pour 150mL of twice-aerated sparkling water, stir evenly and drink.


    更多有關氣泡水機的資訊,歡迎到Sodacoo的官網 瀏覽或聯絡查詢。

    For more information about sparkling water machines, please visit Sodacoo’s official website or directly contact for enquiries.


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