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Wed, May 29


1001HK Kwun Tong Showroom

Timeless Appeal 黑膠唱片工作坊

欣賞獨特音樂媒介的魅力 Appreciate the allure of this distinctive music medium

Timeless Appeal 黑膠唱片工作坊
Timeless Appeal 黑膠唱片工作坊

Time & Location

May 29, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

1001HK Kwun Tong Showroom, RM01, 10/F, Hung Tat Industrial Building, 43 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

About the event

儘管數位音樂格式帶來了便利和可攜帶性,但黑膠唱片因其獨特的音質、收藏價值、藝術吸引力和文化體驗而無法被取代。 許多音樂愛好者仍然欣賞並追求黑膠唱片所提供的獨特價值和體驗。 黑膠唱片提供了一種有形且可觸摸的音樂媒介,而精美的唱片封套設計和處理方式更成為當今收藏家鍾愛的藝術品。 「Timeless Appeal」——在這個工作坊中,我們旨在探索黑膠唱片背後的文化,並透過製作黑膠唱片鐘來欣賞這種獨特的音樂媒介的吸引力。 參與者將會在活動期間製作自己的黑膠唱片鐘,過程並不會損壞唱片,以便日後播放。 歡迎對黑膠唱片或音樂元素有興趣的您,一同前來體驗吧! Despite the convenience and portability brought by digital music formats, vinyl records cannot be replaced due to their unique sound quality, collectible value, artistic appeal, and cultural experience. Many music enthusiasts still appreciate and seek the unique value and experience provided by vinyl records. Vinyl records offer a tangible and tactile medium for music, and the exquisite designs and handling of album covers have become beloved art pieces for collectors today. ”Timeless Appeal“ - In this workshop, we aim to explore the culture behind vinyl records and appreciate the allure of this distinctive music medium by creating vinyl record clocks. Participants will create their own vinyl re‘clock during the event, without damaging the record and allowing it to be played in the future. Welcome to join us and experience together if you are interested in vinyl records or music elements!



 The registration fee includes a 7-inch vinyl record and other required components. Participants can select the favorite record to make their own vinyl record clock.

如有任何查詢,觀迎 instagram DM/WhatsApp與我們聯繫。 If you have any inquiries, welcome to contact us via instagram DM (@1001hk_1001hk) / WhatsApp 9217 9793.

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