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Different furniture arrangements and choices can enhance the functionality of the space and provide an opportunity to showcase personal style and taste, creating a unique environment.

TORMH's designs allow you to adapt to the ever-changing demands of life. As your lifestyle or family structure changes, your furniture needs may also change. Changing furniture allows you to adapt to these changes, while upgrading furniture can improve the comfort and ergonomics of your living or working environment, enabling you to enjoy moments in your home that perfectly suit your preferences.

TORMH also considers the importance of sustainability in its designs. Not only does it choose furniture made from sustainable materials and utilize recycled or upcycled pieces, but it also transforms and elevates old items through upgrades and renovations, preserving their value and reducing their impact on the environment.

TORMH provides you with the opportunity to reshape your space, improve functionality, showcase your style, and adapt to ever-changing needs in your home, ultimately enhancing your overall sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Aesthetic storage, redefines your lifestyle.


Trolley Collection






Bonny Yuen, commonly known as Master Yuen, founded Yuen’s Tailor Studio in Hong Kong, specialising in bespoke suits and Scottish kilts. This time, we have the privilege to interview Master Yuen, sharing stories about his tailoring career and how he embodies the spirit of dedication and passion of Hong Kong craftsmen. 

Thanks to a single invitation, Master Yuen’s tailoring journey embarked on an exciting new path, yielding unforeseen developments. Transitioning from military camp tailoring to personally exploring textiles worldwide, he not only deepened his craft but also ingeniously melded Western tailoring techniques with Hong Kong’s unique flair, igniting local cultural creativity.

Bringing foreign cultures to the local scene poses challenges, let alone merging them to foster cultural exchange. Yet, Master Yuen embraced the task, taking the lead to communicate directly through his work and unveil the artistry of his craft.

In partnering with 1001HK, Yuen’s Tailor Shop injects a “lifestyle” element into their brand, expanding beyond textile tailoring. This infusion of creativity ensures greater versatility, enriching the public’s everyday experiences with valuable artistic culture.

​餐車收納櫃 Trolley Cabinet


The normal use of airline trolleys of course is serving food and drink to passengers on board. For the old one that has been eliminated after many years of use, after recycling and adding design embellishments, it can be regenerated into stylish furniture art!

1001HK旗下以可持續理念所設計的產品,將舊餐車回收再改造而成的餐車收納櫃。整體輕巧,配上滑輪讓使用或收納上都非常靈活。 垂直收納也適合置於小型公寓內,可用作辦公室的儲物空間、家中的床頭櫃或簡單地用作收納生活點滴的茶几小桌。加上客製化訂製,為家中環境打造一個視覺焦點,讓整個空間亮起來。

The latest product line from TORMH, designed with sustainability in mind. Introducing our trolley cabinets, crafted from recycled and repurposed old trolleys. Lightweight and equipped with wheels, they offer unparalleled flexibility for use and storage. Perfect for small apartments, they can serve as office storage, bedside tables, or even a simple coffee table for organizing daily essentials. With customizable options available, these cabinets add a visual focal point to your home environment, illuminating the entire space.


尺寸參考 Size Reference

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