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V I N Y L    R E ' C L O C K S
Re'clock label.png

The hour hand is swinging, where we can feel the passing of time by scoring every minute and every second.

Because of its irreplaceable warmth and humanity, Vinyl restored the songs to their original appearance in the 70s and 80s. Every vinyl plays repeatedly and caused with different marks, has different stories over time just like our life, and slowly emits the soundtrack to which the years belong.

Did you have any memories that you want to record? Let’s make it a unique mark for your years, a one and only carrier!


Our DIY Vinyl Re'clock combined old and new styles and processes vinyl records into clocks without breaking them.

The simple design highlights the retro beauty, Re'clock can also be displayed in various forms, such as pedestals, wall hangings, or magnets.

It can even be placed with the packaging so that vinyl records can be reproduced in your home in different forms.

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