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U P C Y C L I N G    P R O J E C T S


1001HK is specially developed with a focus on sustainability, hoping to promote a better quality of life for you. We have experience in cooperating with different types of products, thereby promoting various artistic cultures which are worth preserving.

1 + 1 = 2

Every product has its own value, it can be a story or history. With this project, we are not only giving the old thing with a new life, but also hope to upgrade it through regeneration so that both its value and function are higher than before. 1001HK also hopes to directly reduce the net volume of household waste through this project. We don't just help people with their waste problems, our goal is to make cities greener. Combining beauty and function into a new self-designed product, where its value can continue due as time change.

Regenerated by 1001HK.

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