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Packaging Re'Clock
  • Packaging Re'Clock

    Re’clock 是我們 Regeneration 概念旗下的一個項目。


    在觀塘的陳列室及中環街市門市內展出了多個 Re’Clock 系列的時鐘,除了可供各位選購外,歡迎親臨或透過社交媒體聯繫我們,將你收藏的包裝盒也改造成為獨一無二的時鐘。

    Re’clock is a project under our Regeneration concept.

    Utilize various types of packaging, conceive and design according to the original style of the packaging, and remake it into a unique clock!

    A number of designs from the Re’Clock series are on display in 1001HK, our show room and also in Central Market store. In addition to being available for purchase, you are also welcome to visit or contact us through social media to regenerate your collections into unique clocks.


    This product is purely an upcycling transformation concept, and does not have a cooperative relationship with any brand. 


    * 歡迎自備材料來客製化時鐘 Welcome to bring your own material for customize a clock !


    請選擇“定制”選項,價格將取決於材料和加工。 您訂購成功後,我們將再次與您聯繫確認客製化內容。
    Please choose the ' Custmoized' option, the price will be depend on the materials and processing. We will contact you again to confirm the customized content after you have order successfully.

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