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We all look forward to enjoying the little self-caring time every day, it could be the moment we spend dining time or dressing up…

From our perspectives, we all deserve a better experience in these moments.


KRÓLL Titanium. (Krollti) is a diverse concept brand dedicated to nature, with the purpose of seeking balance in the element and aesthetic; KRÓLL designs titanium spirit cup, tableware, and watch using pure titanium. The purity of the components eases the burden on our skin, body, and environment. The brands we introduced not only asserted that the use of natural and raw materials is guaranteed but also labeled as harmless and multi-functional.


KRÓLL Titanium, simplify your daily life with new designs.

Titanium is three times stronger than aluminum and half the weight of steel. Titanium can still maintain high strength in a wide temperature range from -235°C to 500°C. It not only prevents rust, but also stop the interaction between metal and human body.

To be more considerate of your health and safety, KRÓLL's tableware use pure titanium as the main material. Titanium is light but strong, which also uses only natural tannins, and has no negative environmental impact and do not release any toxic or give rise to allergy.


Titanium's excellent resistance to corrosion from seawater, sweat, citric acid, soda, tea and coffee, makes it a perfect choice for food containers and cutlery. KRÓLL uses high-purity titanium materials with a clean appearance design to give you comfortable, safe and healthy enjoyment.


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