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Titanium Sake Cup
  • Titanium Sake Cup

    A sake cup with the beautiful, delicate, and ornate craft of Titanium and wood, suitable also for home decor and gifts.
    The design which brings you an unexpectedly strong taste.

    Exquisite craftsmanship, with a high-end gift box to create an incomparable texture.
    It is even better to taste the pure sake with the aroma of rice.


    KRÓLL Titanium Spirit cup is suitable with a wide range of alcohols. Grain alcohols such as whisky, gin, sake, vodka or Chinese liquor can be purified through titanium cups to improve their taste. Only fruit alcohols such as red or white wine which need to be oxidized will not apply. Titanium can be sublimated for grain alcohol to have an aging effect through the purification process.


    • Material : Titanium / Hard wood
    • Size : W 55.5 x H 54 mm
    • Full Weight : 82.7g
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