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1001HK, the one and THE only one! We are not simply a store; but we are a representation of lifestyle. There are no close competitive products in the market, we provide customised products which are both nostalgic and fashionable.

Our signature product is the Vinyl Record Player, a nostalgic product but at the same time, we provide customized options in selecting outfits. 1001HK also focuses on regeneration, our upcycling electric product packings let’s us stands out in the market as we provide unique and sustainable products to our customers.

Apart from creating our own unique products, 1001HK also introduces unique products from all over the world from vintage designed watches to special material tableware to a local branded sparkling water machine.

Come and visit us at shop no. 207, Central Market, Central. you will find products perfect for your lifestyle and great gifts for your loved ones!

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