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嘉賓 Guest

| 阮邦冠 Bonny Yuen

品牌 Brand

| Tartan by Tuen's Tailor


Bonny Yuen, commonly known as Master Yuen, founded Yuen’s Tailor Studio in Hong Kong, specialising in bespoke suits and Scottish kilts. This time, we have the privilege to interview Master Yuen, sharing stories about his tailoring career and how he embodies the spirit of dedication and passion of Hong Kong craftsmen. 


Kongcept was established by three individuals born in the 1990s in Hong Kong, which aims to promote Hong Kong’s local culture and preserve its unique values.

一個熱愛音樂的Busker。今次透過訪問,了解音樂在她的生活所扮演的角色,以及作為一個香港本地Busker 對音樂的看法與感受。

Vinky, a Busker who loves music. We learned about the role music plays in her life in this interview, as well as her views and feelings about music as a local Busker in Hong Kong.

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