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| Richard Crosbie

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| Richard Crosbie Art

Richard 是一位在香港生活了近30年的威爾士藝術家。儘管在港時間很長,但從訪問中得知,Richard與大多數香港人一樣,因為5年前新冠疫情的來襲,才讓他有機會好好認識這個香港,並且從日復一日的工作中抽身,重新拿起他的畫冊,踏上探索香港這片土地的旅程。




Richard is a Welsh artist who has lived in Hong Kong for nearly 30 years. Despite having been in Hong Kong for a long time, it was revealed in an interview that, like most Hong Kong residents, it was the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic five years ago that gave him the opportunity to truly get to know Hong Kong. This allowed him to step away from his daily work routine, pick up his sketchbook again, and embark on a journey to explore the land of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a city full of remarkable development and scenic countryside. However, in Richard‘s eyes, its uniqueness goes beyond that. He believes that what sets Hong Kong apart is the fusion of old and new, evident in both its culture and color palette, creating a striking contrast. Richard finds himself captivated by the interplay of these elements.

Artistic creation knows no boundaries of nationality or region. When you truly appreciate something, you discover its inherent value and strive to share its beauty with others through your creative expression.

Richard has specially selected several of his works featuring Hong Kong street scenes to be displayed at the 1001HK showroom in Kwun Tong. Interested friends are welcome to come and appreciate or purchase them.

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螢幕截圖 2024-07-11 上午11.50.49.png
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