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嘉賓 Guest

| 阮邦冠 Bonny Yuen

品牌 Brand

| Tartan by Tuen's Tailor





Bonny Yuen, commonly known as Master Yuen, founded Yuen’s Tailor Studio in Hong Kong, specialising in bespoke suits and Scottish kilts. This time, we have the privilege to interview Master Yuen, sharing stories about his tailoring career and how he embodies the spirit of dedication and passion of Hong Kong craftsmen. 

Thanks to a single invitation, Master Yuen’s tailoring journey embarked on an exciting new path, yielding unforeseen developments. Transitioning from military camp tailoring to personally exploring textiles worldwide, he not only deepened his craft but also ingeniously melded Western tailoring techniques with Hong Kong’s unique flair, igniting local cultural creativity.

Bringing foreign cultures to the local scene poses challenges, let alone merging them to foster cultural exchange. Yet, Master Yuen embraced the task, taking the lead to communicate directly through his work and unveil the artistry of his craft.

In partnering with 1001HK, Yuen’s Tailor Shop injects a “lifestyle” element into their brand, expanding beyond textile tailoring. This infusion of creativity ensures greater versatility, enriching the public’s everyday experiences with valuable artistic culture.

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