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| Don & Hogan

品牌 Brand

| 我港 Kongcept

我港 Kongcept,猶如其名就是一個關於香港的概念平台。同樣位於觀塘,與1001HK有相似的目標概念,並且在機緣巧合之下有了合作的機會。不僅聯合舉辦活動,還提供了一個訪問我港創辦人的機會,讓我們更深入地了解這個獨特的概念平台。

我港由三位香港90後創立。其中一位創辦人 Don 在訪問中講述到,我港的出現正值香港處於變幻莫測的時代,一些固有的本地文化也逐漸消逝。因此,我港希望透過推廣香港本地文化,傳承其中的獨有價值。同時也希望改變香港人,甚至外國人對本地文化的觀望態度,塑造一個全新的香港文化概念。

Kongcept, a conceptual platform about Hong Kong. It is also located in Kwun Tong and shares similar goals with 1001HK, which led to a collaborative opportunity through serendipity. Apart from organizing joint events, this collaboration provided an opportunity to interview the founders of Kongcept, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of this unique conceptual platform.

Kongcept was established by three individuals born in the 1990s in Hong Kong. Co-founder —— Don, explained during the interview that Kongcept emerged during a time of tremendous change in Hong Kong, where certain intrinsic local cultures were gradually fading away. As a result, Kongcept aims to promote Hong Kong’s local culture and preserve its unique values. They also aspire to change the attitudes of both Hong Kong residents and even foreigners towards local culture, creating a brand new concept of Hong Kong’s cultural identity.

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