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Twin Set - Titanium Whisky Cup
  • Twin Set - Titanium Whisky Cup

    禮盒包括 Set Including:

    - 鈦金屬威士忌酒杯 2個     Titanium Whisky Cup x 2





    The Twin Set is carefully designed, combining modern style with a unique structure and traditional Japanese-inspired packaging. It features a wooden box with a sliding opening design, adding a sense of ceremony to the twin set. This design aims to convey the sincere feelings of the gift giver and bring surprise and joy to the recipient. The Twin Set includes a pair of titanium whisky cups, allowing you to share the flavors of fine spirits with friends. Whether it's for personal gifting or as a choice for special occasions, it can provide you with a unique and enjoyable experience.



    包裝尺寸 Packaging Dimention :

    110L x 296H x 100D mm


    行李箱物料 Luggage Material:

    木 Wood

    人造皮 Vegan Leather

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