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Titanium Whisky Cup
  • Titanium Whisky Cup

    尺寸 Dimention :

    Ø59 x 82H mm

    58 g

    物料 Material:

    純鈦金屬 Pure Titanium






    鈦的特點之一 — 快速傳遞溫度。 鈦金屬部份對溫度十分敏感,隨著溫度變化短時間內可為杯中帶來效果。 用溫水加熱杯子或用冰冷卻,溫度會通過純鈦快速傳遞給烈酒,達到短時間內溫度變化的效果,給您帶來新口感與味道。


    對KRÓLL來說,工藝的實用性和美觀環環相扣。它不是藝術品,工藝是美與實用並存,並且經得起時間的考驗。將傳統設計概念,與現代物料技術融合, KRÓLL鑄造出能讓你一次過有兩種質感的品酒體驗。


    KRÓLL Titanium Spirit cup is suitable with a wide range of alcohols. Grain alcohols such as whisky, gin, sake, vodka or Chinese liquor can be purified through titanium cups to improve their taste. Only fruit alcohols such as red or white wine which need to be oxidized will not apply. Titanium can be sublimated for grain alcohol to have an aging effect through the purification process.


    Titanium spirit cup from KRÓLL uses the characteristics of line changes in the design to enhance the spirit tasting experience.The narrow mouth can better gather the aroma and drive the spirit to flow to the tongue. And for the wider belly can faithfully present the aroma of spirits, allowing you to experience distinct changes in aroma, texture, and taste when drinking, which is conducive to tasting.


    One of the features of titanium is its rapid transfer of temperature. Titanium is very sensitive to temperature, the effect can be brought to the spirit in the cup with a short time as the temperature changed. Heat the cup with warm water, or cool it with ice, the temperature will be transferred to the spirits quickly through the pure titanium. So it achieves the effect of temperature change in a short time, and brings you a new flavour with a new texture.


    For KRÓLL, practicality and beauty of craftsmanship go hand in hand. It is not a work of art, craftsmanship is the coexistence of beauty and practicality, and it can stand the test of time. Integrating traditional design concepts with modern material technology, KRÓLL creates a spirit tasting experience that allows you to have two textures at once.

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