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  • 'READY TO GO' Set

    'READY TO GO' Titanium Tableware Set

    KROLL 鈦金屬餐具皮套套裝

    - 1 Fork 叉子

    - 1 Spoon 匙羹

    - 1 Vegan Leather Case 環保皮革套


    更健康、更環保的選擇!A healthier and more eco-friendly choice!




    純鈦餐具輕巧堅固,原木則溫潤舒適,結合後的Krollti 純鈦配原木餐具,不僅耐用實用,更輕盈便攜。無論是在辦公室、野餐還是旅行中,都能輕鬆享受美食。






    Hong Kong has implemented a "plastic-free" policy, banning the use of plastic cutlery for dining in and takeout. If you're concerned about bringing your own taleware when eating out, 1001HK offers KRÓLL's pure titanium tableware, which combines multiple features such as antibacterial properties and lightweight design, making it the perfect companion for your green lifestyle.


    Antibacterial safety
    KRÓLL pure titanium tableware creates a healthy and sterile dining environment. Pure titanium possesses excellent antibacterial properties, while the natural material of wood adds to its antibacterial effects, ensuring a worry-free and healthy dining experience.


    Lightweight and portable
    The combination of lightweight and sturdy pure titanium tableware with comfortable and warm wooden handles makes it not only durable and practical but also lightweight and portable. Whether in the office, on a picnic, or during travel, you can easily enjoy your meals.


    Superior craftsmanship
    KRÓLL's titanium tableware combines titanium and solid wood, showcasing a perfect blend of cold and warm elements. With streamlined designs, the cutlery exudes a unique sense of delicacy, combining fashion and environmental consciousness.


    Environmental sharing
    By choosing KRÓLL pure titanium with wooden cutlery, you are not only pursuing health and convenience but also contributing to the environment. The materials used to make the tableware decompose naturally, minimizing environmental waste. Furthermore, through the application of new technologies, it enhances your dining experience.


    The tableware set comes with a vegan leather case for easy carrying. The case is designed with two reversible sides, lightweight, waterproof, and resistant to stains, allowing you to confidently take it with you wherever you go.


    If you‘re interested, visit our stores to see it firsthand or make a purchase!

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