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Luggage Collection - Whisky Cup
  • Luggage Collection - Whisky Cup

    行李箱尺寸 Luggage Dimention :

    255L x 360H x 105D mm


    行李箱物料 Luggage Material:

    木 Wood

    金屬 Metal

    人造皮 Vegan Leather



    每時每刻都帶著你所喜愛的 Carry what you love with you in every moment


    一個行李箱,裡面有KROLL的餐具和杯子系列,讓你隨身攜帶,到處旅行。 隨時隨地享受鈦金屬帶給您的絕佳體驗。


    A luggage with the tableware and cup collection of KROLL, to let you carry out and travel around. KRÓLL creates a spirit tasting experience that allows you to have two textures at once, and this luggage collection which also can let you share the great experience with friends in anytime and anywhere.



    包括 Including:


    - 鈦金屬威士忌酒杯 3個

      3 Titanium Whisky Cup


    - 玻璃酒杯 3個

      3 Whisky Glass


    - 皮革杯墊 6個

      6 Leather Coaster


    - 混合蘇格蘭威士忌 180毫升

       Blended Scotch Whisky 180mL



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