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Vinyl Re'clock
  • Vinyl Re'clock

    Let’s get the joy of doing-it-yourself!

    Did you have any memories that you want to record?  You can join us in the making of your clock. A great gift to leave a good memory that will remind you of the great times you've had with them.


    您是否有想要記錄的回憶? 您可以和我們一起製作您的時鐘。這是一份留下美好回憶的禮物,會讓您想起與他們一起度過的美好時光。


    You can also order a completed one in 7 working days.




      D.I.Y. materials: Vinyl Record + Movement + Hands + Cardboard + Non-Woven

      Packing material: Cardboard + Non-Woven


      Clock size (Length x Height x Width):

      17.5cm x 17.5 cm x 3 cm ± 5mm


      Packing size (Length x Height x Width):

      22.5cm x 22.5 cm x 4 cm ± 5mm

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