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Trolley Cabinet - M
  • Trolley Cabinet - M

    尺寸 Dimention :
    29W x 39.5D x 55H cm

    物料 Material : 
    粉末塗層鋁 Powder-coated Aluminium

    / 配件另外單獨出售 accessories sold separately
    / 櫃門可上鎖並打開至270°   The door is lockable and can be open to 270°
    / 附設運行平穩的雙腳輪制動器 With smooth-running double castors brakes







    餐車收納櫃整體很輕,不論在使用或收納上都非常靈活。 您可以將它用作辦公室的儲物空間、



    The normal use of airline trolleys of course is serving food and drink to passengers on board. For the old one that has been eliminated after many years of use, after recycling and adding design embellishments, it can be regenerated into stylish furniture art!

    The Trolley Cabinet is light and still very mobile. You can use it as a storage in your office, as a nightstand or simply as a rest table for the accumulation of life's bits and pieces.


    每部餐車均需手工翻新及設計製作,訂造時間為 3-4 星期。

     Each Trolley is craftly handmade and the production time will be 3-4 weeks.


    *Inside is empty with fews shelf slots, ready to be customised with the addition of different accessories.

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