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Trays for Trolley
  • Trays for Trolley

    *This product is only suitable for use with Trolley Cabinet


    There are shelf slots in the Trolley Cabinet, which can be customized by adding shelfs to create different storage using.


    款色 Models :


    a)高身鋁質抽屜  Aluminium drawer(Tall)
        272W x 379D x 105H mm

    b)矮身鋁質抽屜  Aluminium drawer(Short)
        274W x 375D x 50H mm

    c)乳白式塑膠抽屜 Milky white plastic drawer
        265W x 379D x 110H mm

    d)透明塑膠抽屜 Crystal plastic drawer
        265W x 379D x 115H mm

    e)鋁質酒樽層架 Aluminium wine bottle rack
        275W x 380D x 18H mm

    f)鋁質紅酒杯層架 Aluminium wine glass rack
        275W x 380D x 3H mm

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