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Whisky Trolley Cabinet
  • Whisky Trolley Cabinet

    尺寸 Dimention :
    30W x 40D x 104H cm

    車身物料 Trolley Material : 
    粉末塗層鋁 Powder-coated Aluminium

    / 配件另外單獨出售 accessories sold separately
    / 櫃門可上鎖並打開至270°   The door is lockable and can be open to 270°
    / 附設運行平穩的雙腳輪制動器 With smooth-running double castors brakes




    餐車收納櫃是TORMH旗下以可持續理念所設計的產品,將舊餐車回收再改造而成的餐車收納櫃。整體輕巧,配上滑輪讓使用或收納上都非常靈活。 垂直收納也適合置於小型公寓內,可用作辦公室的儲物空間、家中的床頭櫃或簡單地用作收納生活點滴的活動式茶几。加上客製化訂製,為家中環境打造一個視覺焦點,讓整個空間亮起來。


    A groundbreaking design in Hong Kong combines a trolley with a whisky cabinet, creating a mini bar that brings together multifunctionality right before your eyes. It also becomes the most eye-catching centerpiece in your home!

    Trolley Cabinet from TORMH, designed with sustainability in mind. Introducing the trolley cabinets, crafted from recycled and repurposed old trolleys. Lightweight and equipped with wheels, they offer unparalleled flexibility for use and storage. Perfect for small apartments, they can serve as office storage, bedside tables, or even a simple coffee table for organizing daily essentials. With customizable options available, these cabinets add a visual focal point to your home environment, illuminating the entire space.

    The Whisky Trolley Cabinet is specifically designed for spirits enthusiasts, allowing users to choose additional drawers according to their personal needs. These drawers add different types of storage functionality to the trolley, allowing for the display of various types of glassware and storage of multiple bottles of spirits. With the trolley's smooth-running dual-wheel brake system, you can enjoy tasting fine spirits with your dear friends anytime, anywhere in your home.


    每部餐車均需手工翻新及設計製作,訂造時間為 3-4 星期,更多款式可到陳列室參觀。

    Each Trolley is craftly handmade and the production time will be 3-4 weeks,welcome to explore more models in our showroom.


    *此款式並不包括酒杯或酒瓶  This model only does not include any glasses or spirits.

    *可以通過添加不同的配件進行個人化定制  Can be customised with the addition of different accessories.

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