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  • CITRUS JAPAN 100% Juice

    100% pure, tangy juice squeezed from Lemon or Yuzu fruit.


    Prized for its incredible citrus aromas and invigorating sourness, the sharp, zesty juices are freshly-pressed into this elegant 720ml bottle, making its juices all the more delicious to pour and squeeze into your favourite recipes. Perfect for making your own marinades and dressings, or simply drizzled over a sweet or savoury dish to give it more fruity bite, find unique, healthy and exciting uses for this 100% pure citrus juice.


    Net weight : 300mL
    Ingredient : Lemon or Yuzu
    Made in : Japan

    *Keep in cool, dark and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.




    Nutrition Facts (amount per 100g serving size)

    Calories : 26kcal
    Total Fat : 0.2g
    Protein : 0.4g
    Sodium : 0g
    Carbohydrates : 0.4g


    Calories : 34kcal
    Total Fat : 0.1g
    Protein : 0.2g
    Sodium : 0.01g
    Carbohydrates : 8.0g

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