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Sat, Apr 20



Extreme Juniper

The taste of Nagasaki’s centuries-old gin brewing.

Extreme Juniper
Extreme Juniper

Time & Location

Apr 20, 2024, 3:00 PM

1001HK, RM01, 10/F, Hung Tat Industrial Building, 43 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

About the event

During a span of around 200 years, from the 17th century to the mid-19th century, Japan experienced a period known as "Sakoku," meaning "closed country," characterized by restricted foreign trade and limited interaction with the outside world. Nagasaki was the sole port open to foreign trade during this time, with Dejima, located in Nagasaki Prefecture, serving as Japan's only gateway to the Western world. As a result, Western culture introduced since ancient times became an integral part of Nagasaki's history, and its streets still bear traces of this exotic influence.

In 1812, Hendrik Doof, then head of a trading company, began producing brandy, gin, and beer, marking the inception of Japan's oldest craft gin. Fast forward to 2019, Kirishima Shuzo, located in Isahaya City, Nagasaki, revived the historic Nagasaki gin-making tradition through a soaking method, soaking triple the amount of juniper berries specified in old recipes in their own genuine shochu, then enhancing it with Kumamoto-made spirits for increased alcohol content and adding sugar for sweetness, resulting in the creation of Dennoshin 1812 Gin. This tribute to history signifies Japan's first-ever gin production.

Dennoshin 1812 Gin doesn't utilize citrus fruits like lemon or yuzu. Instead, through a "compound manufacturing method" involving soaking and extraction, it harnesses all the virtues and characteristics of juniper berries, imbuing it with a rich juniper flavor three times more potent than standard products.

This tasting event aims to guide participants through various ways to appreciate the unique flavor of this gin, delving into the history behind it to understand Japan's soaking and distillation techniques for gin, and exploring the fusion of Japanese and Western cultures. It offers a distinct approach to experiencing a tasting event, providing insights into the blending of cultures through the lens of history.


在1812年由當時的貿易公司負責人亨德里克·杜夫(Hendrik Doof)開始釀造了白蘭地、杜松子酒和啤酒,這也是日本最古老的精釀杜松子酒的開始。直到2019年,位於長崎諫早市的杵之川酒造(杵の川酒造)以浸泡方式複刻昔日的長崎杜松子酒,添加舊酒譜的三倍量杜松子,浸泡於自家本格燒酎,加上熊本產的烈酒增加酒精濃度,再使用砂糖增甜,便釀成這瓶伝之進 1812 氈酒(Dennoshin 1812 Gin),也為日本第一個製作氈酒的歷史淵源致敬。

Dennosine 1812 並沒有使用檸檬或柚子等柑橘類水果,由於它是一種“複合製造方法”,即浸泡提取方法,因此可以發揮杜松子的所有優點和特性,令它具有濃鬱的杜松子風味,其果效比普通產品高出三倍以上。



  • Standard

    The ticket includes 1 gin recommended in this tasting and 1 cocktail based on it. Participants can also experience with the Magic cup - Titanium Whisky cup from KRÓLL.

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