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CLIQ 便攜式摺疊椅 CLIQ Chair

CLIQ 便攜式摺疊椅 CLIQ Chair

重量 Weight|3lbs (承重 300lbs)

物料 Material|防撕裂尼龍 Ripstop nylon , 航空級鋁合金 Aerospace grade aluminum alloy

尺寸 Size|34.29*8.6*8.6cm (Folded) 61*61*66cm (Expand)




穩固好輕量  Stable and lightweight

一體成形, 不用組裝   One-piece molding, no assembly required

秒收秒開, 輕易就能上手的配備 Switch on and off in seconds, easy-to-use equipment

輕量好攜帶, 1.65kg完全不負擔 1.65kg is not burdensome at all

可承重約136kg Can bear about 136kg

防水防撕裂, 適用多樣天氣狀況 Waterproof and tear-proof, suitable for various weather conditions

舒適且穩固, 乘坐後離地面約35cm Comfortable and stable, about 35cm above the ground after riding



在材質的選擇上,CLIQ Chair 的主要支架採用了航空級鋁合金,重量輕而堅固,極大提升便攜性;椅子腳位增添防滑材料,且布料採用防撕裂尼龍材質,經過多次廣泛測試以確保椅面承重和耐磨損程度都達到最好效果,中間加有雙重縫合的腰撐脊線,加固並提升對腰部的支撐性,讓坐姿舒適愜意。篷布的網格設計既使CLIQ Chair 也適合戶外出行汗流浹背時,讓人乘坐時保持涼爽乾燥。在座椅的上下兩部分,分別有四個支撐點,不必擔心椅子的穩定問題,四個腳上還有防傾斜的設計,在類似沙灘這樣柔軟易陷的地面上也能確保穩固,非常適合沙灘、樹林裏的休閒小憩。


In terms of material selection, the main bracket of the CLIQ Chair is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is light and strong, greatly improving portability. The chair legs are made of non-slip material, and the fabric is made of tear-resistant nylon. After many extensive tests, it has ensured that the chair surface has the best load-bearing and wear resistance. A double-stitched lumbar support ridge is added in the middle to reinforce and improve waist support, making the sitting posture comfortable. The grid design of the tarpaulin makes the CLIQ Chair suitable for sweaty outdoor trips, keeping people cool and dry while riding. There are four support points on the upper and lower parts of the seat, which interact with each other, so you don't have to worry about the stability of the chair. Feets are anti-tilt designs, which can ensure stability even on soft and easy-to-collapse ground like the beach, ensuring the safety of users, very suitable for leisure breaks on the beach and in the woods.

    Color: 黑 Black
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