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Leather Vinyl Records Player
  • Leather Vinyl Records Player




    1001HK's vinyl record player seamlessly blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary style, presenting a fusion of classic charm and modern elegance. Beyond its function as a mere speaker, it emerges as a statement piece of home decor, harmonizing performance and aesthetics.

    In crafting the player's appearance, 1001HK aspires to craft an authentic Hong Kong vinyl record player. Offering bespoke customization services with globally unique designs, the player's dimensions are thoughtfully tailored to suit Hong Kong apartments. Equipped with integrated speakers, it strikes a delicate balance between form and sound quality. Additionally, it boasts two alternative output connections and can be powered by a portable power bank, liberating users from environmental constraints during use.

    Embracing sustainability as a core tenet of its design philosophy, 1001HK offers made-to-order production, minimizing waste from overproduction. Furthermore, the original packaging box is ingeniously designed for storage, ensuring the product reaches customers in pristine condition while minimizing environmental impact.

    Experience the craftsmanship of authentic Hong Kong vinyl records

    — both you and your home deserve it.



    設計特點 Design Features


        Small and lightweight designs are suitable for placing in home and carrying it out for outdoor use.

    .唱片機可連接外置電源以供電使用 The record player can be connected to a power bank for power supply.

        Fully customizable Records Player on the leather pattern, colour, and more.


    *每部黑膠唱片機均需手工製作,訂造時間為 7 日工作天。

      Each vinyl record player is handmade and the production time will be 7working days.




    尺寸 Dimension

    L 35cm x  H 25 cm x  W 10 cm (± 5mm)


    播速 Speed

    33 / 45 / 78  RPM

    plays 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch singles


    物料 Material

    Metal  /  Plastic  /  Vegan Leather

      每部黑膠唱片機均需手工製作,訂造時間為 7日工作天。 Each vinyl record player is handmade and the production time will be 7working days.
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