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The impression of a piano is too big in size, low in flexibility, and single in function; it is also inconvenient for storage or transportation. Therefore, it has become a kind of furniture that be abandoned always in recent years.

Since it can't be stored easily, so we start to regenerate its value!

螢幕截圖 2023-10-31 下午3.13.53-min.png

First, we divide the piano into different parts and keep the parts that can be reused, then regenerate as a bar table according to the structure of the piano. We also create a shelf for adding more spaces.

The piano was originally full of elegant retro style, which can be matched with different kinds of whisky and glasses. And finally transformed into a unique piece of art for your home.

Spend a little more through and infinite creativity, this is what we want to do in Regeneration.

*The piano cabinet is now displayed at 1001HK in Kwun Tong, welcome to visit and enjoy it !

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